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Funds, data and expertise to support research at the University of Rochester on using machine learning to improve fuel efficiency.

Rochester, New York – August 11, 2016 — Vnomics Corp., providers of True Fuel™, an advanced analytics solutions that enables fleets to improve driver and vehicle performance in real-time, today announced it is providing matching funds, data and expertise to support research at the University of Rochester into the use of machine learning to improve the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles. The company’s support is part of a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation for its Young Innovators Internship Program.

“Our collaboration is focused on using the extensive data we collect in real world commercial vehicle operations, combined with the expertise in machine learning and optimization at the University of Rochester, to improve our understanding of fuel use,” said Lloyd Palum, CTO at Vnomics. “A primary benefit of the Vnomics True Fuel optimization solution is in the actionable analytics it provides that enable fleets to improve driver and vehicle performance. This research will look at additional ways to use machine learning to further improve fuel efficiency.”

Machine learning is the method of combining statistical data, real-time analysis and algorithms to find patterns in data in order to deliver instant recommendations. Vnomics uses proprietary algorithms to provide feedback to drivers and fleets in order to help achieve optimal fuel economy.

“While we already use machine learning principles to determine a particular vehicle’s potential fuel economy,” Palum added, “our goal with this collaboration is to generate a new machine learning model that can actually predict fuel consumption. Vnomics technology is unlike static fuel saving technologies and goes beyond telematics systems because it has significant computing power on the vehicle itself for optimizing performance. Its highly advanced onboard computing framework is uniquely designed to leverage machine learning technologies.”

The National Science Foundation promotes Big Data research efforts between universities and industry. Host organizations collaborate with corporate sponsors like Vnomics on projects aimed at developing data-driven solutions, propose data collection and correlation parameters, and define challenges. The goal of the Young Innovators Internship Program is to identify opportunities for early career researchers to interact with companies to collaboratively explore how to apply data science approaches to solve substantial industry challenges.

The Vnomics collaboration with the University of Rochester is part of the Northeast Big Data Hub based at Columbia University and involving accredited universities in across the northeastern US. A Northeast Big Data Hub evaluation committee selected Vnomics and the University of Rochester based on the strength of interaction between the student intern and the host organization, the merits of the proposed project, and the potential for future collaboration between the host organization and the academic institution.

The recipient of the National Science Foundation grant and the matching funds being provided by Vnomics is University of Rochester PhD. student Shupeng Gui in the Department of Computer Science. Also actively involved in the project is Shupeng Gui’s academic advisor, Ji Liu.

“This is a valuable opportunity to apply modeling and analysis techniques, including dynamic system learning and optimization, to improve the understanding of both theories and practical problems,” Gui stated. “Our cooperative effort will bring novel ideas to solving challenges and promote the development of new techniques for improving fuel efficiency at Vnomics.”

In addition to its collaboration with the University of Rochester based on a mutual interest in machine learning as applied to data analytics in the commercial transportation industry, Vnomics is also applying research done at the Rochester Institute of Technology on a unique software framework for data capture and processing.

“By staying on the forefront of the development of the next wave of data and analytics technology, these programs help Vnomics create more value for our customers in transportation,” said Alan Farnsworth, CEO of Vnomics. “Our solution has already allowed some of America’s largest fleets to save millions annually on fuel consumption. Saia LTL Freight, for example, realized a reduction in fuel use of more than 7%, or 3.5 million gallons of fuel annually, with Vnomics fuel optimization technology.

“Collaborating and developing relationships with highly capable researchers into cutting edge technologies at leading universities is a wise investment,” Farnsworth added. “Beyond money, however, we are proud to support and sponsor Big Data and machine learning science efforts that can help improve fuel use in the transportation industry.”

About Vnomics

Founded in 2008, Rochester, NY-based Vnomics Corp. provides advanced analytics solutions that enable fleets to improve driver and vehicle performance. The company’s True Fuel™ stand-alone fuel optimization solution coaches drivers in real time to achieve the highest fuel efficiency, calculates actual and potential fuel economy then provides comprehensive data fleets can use to optimize fuel performance and improve profitability. Vnomics’ unique approach to driver and vehicle performance provides substantial fuel savings to a rapidly growing number of fleets across all motor carrier segments. For additional information, visit or call 855-866-6427.

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