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For many drivers, it’s basically muscle memory to over-rev the engine when facing an intimidating incline or when trying to maintain sufficient speed to safely pass on the highway. And that makes sense, given the fact that most older model diesel engines typically found their "sweet spot" higher in the RPM range. According to FleetOwner, this is traditionally where torque met sufficient horsepower in order to maintain a smooth cruising speed.

Recent technology, however, has proven successful at making diesel engines operate at ultralow RPMs without sacrificing torque, thanks to reductions in both engine friction and relative heat transfer. This technique is called “downspeeding,” but there’s nothing slowing down the fuel efficiency: each drop in 100 RPMs can produce up to 1.5% in fuel savings, which the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) equates to roughly $1,000 a year back to a fleet's bottom line.

The team at Vnomics understands that these savings really add up, which is where the unparalleled technology of True Fuel® comes in. Because of True Fuel’s unique ability to calculate maximum potential fuel economy and precisely-determined actual fuel consumption, customers can see for themselves the improvement in fuel economy both in absolute terms of higher MPG and in relative terms of reducing fuel waste. Paired with downspeeding, True Fuel will make an instant impact where it counts. After all, an efficient engine is only half of the equation; the decisions drivers make weigh just as heavily on fuel optimization.

Thankfully, downspeeding technology applies to both automatic and manual trucks, so drivers across the spectrum can experience its benefits. Beyond promising incredible fuel economy, the NACFE’s report on downspeeding linked the technology to smoother, quieter rides as well as more responsive take-off power.

As more and more trucks begin utilizing downspeeding, True Fuel presents itself as the perfect companion. With these two solutions in sync, the driver is made aware of their choice when over-revving. True Fuel’s real-time driver coaching enables drivers to take immediate action to improve fuel efficiency, so you’ll remain in optimum RPM range in order to optimize your fleet’s bottom line.