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How Downspeeding Can Actually Speed Up Savings

True Fuel’s real-time driver coaching enables drivers to take immediate action to improve fuel efficiency, so you’ll remain in optimum RPM range in order to optimize your fleet’s bottom line.

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Does Speeding Really Save You Time & Money During the Holidays?

If a long haul driver increases his or her average highway speed by 2 miles per hour, the truck will use an extra 5.6 gallons of fuel a week and only save the driver 38 minutes of drive time.

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Vnomics named a 2020 FreightTech 100 Company

FreightWaves recently released the 2020 FreightTech 100 companies, and we are honored to be named a winner.

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Trucking & Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability can be reinforced by using incentives to promote fuel-efficient and sustainable driving behaviors. We can train your drivers and help you establish a custom driver incentive program.

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Gamification Strategies & Tips for Engaging Your Drivers

Driver incentive programs are important for fleets that are looking for ways to optimize their fuel efficiency, positively impact their bottom line, and increase driver satisfaction and retention.

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True Fuel: Simple Installation with Significant Savings

Installing the True Fuel system takes less than fifteen minutes, and anyone in your organization can do it. No tools are necessary.

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Successfully Proven Driver Incentive Programs You’ll Want to Implement

The Vnomics team can help you create a customized program that works effectively for your fleet while helping achieve your company goals.

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Trucking and Technology Continue to Modernize Together

As the trucking industry continues to advance, it’s important to continue to implement the right technology that will not only help your fleet thrive, but also help your drivers succeed.

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Recruiting the Next Generation of Truck Drivers

True Fuel is a modern and efficient technology that can motivate millennials to find their calling in the trucking industry.

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Driver Incentive Program Best Practices

The Vnomics team can help you create a customized program that works effectively for your fleet. Check out our best practices for developing driver incentive programs.

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Incentives and Positive Reinforcement Keep Fleets Efficient

With positive reinforcement guiding successful behaviors, and True Fuel enabled incentive programs, your drivers will know the goals to hit and how to get there, and they’ll be inspired to get there.

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Technology That Drives a 21st Century Fleet Forward

As we move forward and technology infiltrates more and more of everyday life, we should continue to implement the right tech that makes what we already do well even better.

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Use TrueFuel To Incentivize Your Fleet Fairly

Many fleets are turning to new alternatives that can not only keep their fleets intact, but may also encourage drivers to recruit new truckers to strengthen the workforce.

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Millennials Want To Join Your Fleet

As confusing as millennials may seem, and contrary to what much of what we hear suggests, they are just like the rest of us.

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Tech That Drivers Will Accept

The suspicion of possibly losing one’s job or position to a “robot” is very real, but for the industry to withstand the current labor shortage, technology must be seen as an ally — not the enemy.

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Building a Culture Every Truck Driver Wants to Be a Part Of

A fleet that utilizes Vnomics’ technology is one that shows drivers that efficiency, safety, and self-growth are important goals.

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What We’ve Learned from 10 Years Helping Fleets Save

"Vnomics made me a better driver. The system is very user friendly and I learned quickly. Through Vnomics, I feel very confident that all who utilize it will improve tremendously."

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Getting Young Drivers Invested in the Fleet’s Mission

A fleet that is perceived by prospective drivers as one that cares about its employees would more likely draw in younger drivers, and this attitude would deepen their investment in the fleet’s mission

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How Owner-Operators are Taking Charge of their Fuel Efficiency

For fleets looking to improve their own systems and find new ways to operate more cost efficiently, it can be valuable to look at how owner-operators are doing this on a micro level.

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Strategies for Fleets to Engage and Retain Millennial Truck Drivers

By sharing fleet objectives and opening up a channel for feedback, young drivers can feel more connected to their job and to the success of the fleet as whole.