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The Benefits

True Fuel® drives down a fleet’s fuel expense by focusing on improved driver behavior. Using real-time in-cab driver coaching, automated reporting, and a simple performance metric, True Fuel® is proven to reduce fuel spend by 3% to as much as 10% for any fleet-type, without requiring a significant amount of manual tasks. The True Fuel® app can be installed on your existing telematics system, so there’s no need to purchase any new hardware.

Real-Time Driver Coaching

Coaching in-cab in real-time has been proven to be the most immediate and impactful way of changing inefficient behaviors. True Fuel® coaching tones provide instant feedback, only playing when the driver is operating the truck inefficiently.

3–10% Fuel savings

Instantly see your fleet go farther on less fuel and improve your bottom line.

Proven solution

True Fuel® technology has helped over 80,000 drivers improve their fuel efficiency, saving our customers over 100 million gallons of fuel and 1 million tons of CO2.

No hardware required

The True Fuel® application can be installed and run on your existing telematics solution — no hardware purchase or installation required. To enable True Fuel®, contact your telematics provider.

Case studies

What Vnomics does for its clients

Cut fuel consumption by 3.5 million gallons annually

Fuel economy improvements and lower fuel costs.

After deploying the Vnomics fuel optimization solution, Saia LTL Freight realized a reduction in fuel use of more than 7% in one year, boosting the fleet’s average from 5.9 MPG to 6.8 MPG. The savings attributed to Vnomics’ ability to promote more efficient driving practices equals 3.5 million gallons of fuel annually.

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Saia Trucking

Over $275,000 savings

Sustainable improvements in fuel economy and lower fuel costs.

In the first two months after enabling Vnomics, Terpening Trucking Co. realized a 9% improvement in fuel economy in its fleet of over 50 trucks. Today, with 73 vehicles hauling almost one million more gallons of fuel products annually than in 2014, the average MPG improvement stands at 9.8%.

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Terpening Trucking truck

Our Partners

“Vnomics has made me a better driver in the area of shift score and fuel savings. The system is very user friendly and I have been able to learn from it quickly. Through Vnomics I feel very confident that all who utilize it will improve tremendously. I highly recommend Vnomics.”

Dean - Driver Trainer