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Our nation and economy depend heavily on the trucking industry because it’s one of the most efficient ways of transporting goods across the country. However, that also means trucking has an important impact on carbon footprint. According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, transportation accounted for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 and trucking is obviously a large component of that.

As a result of the increasing scrutiny being placed on sustainability by fleet customers and others, trucking fleets are paying more attention to their own carbon footprint. Discussion of sustainability in trucking often defaults immediately to electrification and alternative fuels, but there is plenty that can be done right now to mitigate the impact of standard diesel engine emissions on the environment. Vnomics True Fuel™ is the ideal solution for any fleet looking to not only save fuel and improve their bottom line but also increase environmental sustainability without the need to recapitalize their fleet.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) outlined areas where both long-haul and last-mile fleets can concentrate their environmental efforts, including driving practices, which is where True Fuel comes in. Vnomics True Fuel™ specializes in working with commercial trucking fleets to effectively optimize fuel usage and eliminate driver-oriented fuel waste. True Fuel™ provides drivers with real-time, in-cab coaching and will alert them when they are inducing engine excess, over-speeding on the highway, or idling excessively, so drivers can take immediate action to improve fuel efficiency. On average, fleets using True Fuel™ save 3-10% on fuel costs by reducing idle time, maintaining better engine speed control, and reducing highway speeds. Our lifetime 107MM+ gallons of fuel savings equates to 2.4B pounds of carbon dioxide emissions avoided thanks to True Fuel™. That’s 1,200,000 tons or more than three Empire State Buildings. These driver choices can improve fuel efficiency and are completely in sync with improving sustainability and reducing each truck’s carbon footprint.

It can be hard to ensure compliance with sustainability guidelines when fuel efficiency starts with driver performance. Fortunately, True Fuel™ can track what’s going on with each of your drivers, from idling time and engine speed control to highway speed control and beyond. Only True Fuel™  reports each vehicle’s Potential MPG, as well as the Actual MPG so managers and drivers can account for every drop of fuel consumed, see the actual fuel lost due to suboptimal driving choices, and know immediately what to do to improve fuel efficiency. At the end of the trip, drivers hear a score of their performance. Fleet managers can access comprehensive analytics and detailed driver scorecards to keep track of fuel economy.

Sustainability can also be reinforced by using incentives to promote fuel-efficient and sustainable driving behaviors. The Vnomics team can train your drivers on how to use True Fuel™ and will help you establish a customized driver incentive program.

When you invest in True Fuel™, you will instantly see your fleet run on less fuel, increase sustainability, and improve your bottom line.