The driver shortage in trucking is not a new problem. With common concerns about level of of pay and long hours spent on the road, drivers often decide to move on from their current fleet to another (or leave the trucking industry altogether). This leaves fleet leaders searching for ways to thwart turnover by engaging drivers effectively.

Because “more than 70 percent of goods consumed in the U.S. are moved by truck,” truck driving is an extremely valuable profession. But that goes without saying. No fleet leader wants to see a good driver leave, but for many drivers the demands of this important job can overshadow its rewards.

Fleet leaders often have to get creative to show drivers how important (and how valued) they are. Many fleet leaders have tried to engage drivers with things like sign-on bonuses and fuel incentives based on reported MPG, but these tactics usually fell short. But here’s the good news: fleet leaders can deploy a realistic incentive strategy today that gives drivers exactly what they want, and saves the fleet on fuel too.

Getting Creative with Fuel Incentives

Incentives based on fuel-efficient driving behaviors open up a new opportunity for drivers — and for the fleet’s bottom line. When drivers are motivated by a fair and achievable add-on to their salary, they can work toward a set goal, improve their skills, and find a driving purpose to motivate that progress.

The perfect coach in the cab, True Fuel® normalizes factors that MPG can’t account for like the truck, the load, and the route — factors that the driver can’t control and shouldn’t be measured by. With real-time, in-cab coaching that focuses only on the behaviors they can actively work on like engine speed control, idling and speeding, they are empowered to improve their fuel efficiency (and can get rewarded in the process).

Unlike reported MPG, which fails to put all fleet drivers on the same playing field, True Fuel® provides a realistic way to show drivers that your fleet values them. With precise metrics operating in real-time, every driver is measured fairly no matter their driving situation, and equipped to be the best they can be.

Fuel for Thought

Fleet leaders know how important it is to engage drivers, but outdated tactics aren’t enough in today’s industry. It’s worth getting creative — not only to give drivers a reason to stay, but to get the whole fleet running stronger. True Fuel® puts drivers on the path to improved performance and increased engagement, benefiting everyone in the process. Drivers have the chance to earn rewards for improved behaviors, and fleet leaders can save on the heavy costs of fuel and turnover. It’s a realistic, worthy solution for the whole fleet.