When a driver decides to leave a fleet, owners are forced to spend precious time and resources to find and train new people. In so many ways, even one driver leaving can set the fleet back considerably. Fortunately, when it comes to retention, the desires of drivers are clear — among them, better pay and improved communication with fleet management. Building a strong driver incentive program with a foundation on improving fuel efficiency is a highly effective way to provide solutions to both of these pain points that drivers deal with.

An incentive program not only empowers drivers to work hard to increase monetary benefits but strengthens the way fleets and drivers communicate with each other. Most importantly, the best versions of these programs demonstrate clearly that fleets genuinely care about their drivers and are invested in rewarding them for their hard work.

Before you implement an incentive program, it’s crucial to make sure that every moving part is accounted for. A successful plan starts with a strong blueprint and requires meaningful thought and strategy. With a fortified incentive program, particularly one that assesses performance fairly and clearly defines goals, fleets can certainly increase retention and strengthen its operations for the future.

Clarity Drives Success

While drivers cannot control the road, they can take steps to improve themselves and in turn, improve the fleet. Of course, the overarching goal of an incentive program is to engage drivers by encouraging better, more efficient driving. This not only increases productivity and alleviates some of the fleet’s biggest operational costs but plays a key role in retaining the best drivers.

If drivers consistently voice concerns over more pay, a pay-based rewards system would be the best option to get drivers motivated. Fortunately, Vnomics offers fleets the opportunity to pay drivers more by improving their driving practices. True Fuel® makes this happen by assisting drivers to improve key fuel-wasting behaviors like speeding, shifting, and idling in real-time.

True Fuel® empowers fleet owners to fairly and effectively assess fuel efficiency purely in terms of driver performance, independent of factors the driver can’t control like truck, route, load, or weather. Once these goals are set, drivers have a clear path forward — they know what they have to do to earn benefits, and most importantly, they feel a deeper reason to push themselves to perform at a high level. 

The Value of Fair Criteria

Like any professional, drivers want to be respected and treated fairly by their leadership and rely upon the guarantee that integrity is exhibited throughout day-to-day operations. Without this honest and trustworthy system, drivers are less likely to give their all to their job. It’s  absolutely imperative for any incentive program to be built upon the values of fairness and trust. All metrics must be gauged accurately so that no driver has to worry about being shortchanged by unfair biases.

Every driver’s style, truck, load, and road are different. This means that fleets need a precise tool that can normalize these factors and gauge each vehicle’s actual real-time fuel usage in comparison to the maximum achievable fuel economy. True Fuel® is the tool that does just that, making it easy to fairly score drivers only on the things they can control and actionably improve. While operating conditions on the road will always vary — True Fuel® is the on-hand, precise guidance that both drivers and fleet owners can consistently rely on without worry.

The best part is that when drivers know that they’re being held to a high standard that they can be certain is fair, they are more likely to take pride in their work. This is absolutely essential to retain drivers because it makes it clear that their individual performance plays a role in the fleet’s overall success. Fleet owners can strengthen communication with their drivers by using a tool like True Fuel® that works fairly for everyone and aligns them behind the fleet’s common goal. A fleet that listens to one another and discusses concerns, ideas, and real ways to improve is more likely to succeed in the long run. Drivers feel empowered in their role and become inspired to make their own goals and the fleet’s goals a reality.

Because a truck driving job takes such a unique and hard-working person to complete,

the right incentive program is the perfect way to tap into their full potential. From the

chance to improve and be recognized, to earning new, rewarding benefits, drivers will

have a new layer of appreciation for the jobs they do.

With True Fuel® by your side, an incentive program can prove to be extremely successful. Your drivers will feel revitalized and ready to continue to do incredible work for you and your fleet. From saving your fleet time, energy, and money on fuel, to happier and more engaged drivers lowering the turnover rate, a strong fuel-based incentive program can take a fleet to new heights.