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True Fuel®

True Fuel® reduces fleet fuel waste with real-time in-cab driver coaching, automated reporting, and a simple performance metric that is easy to understand, and easy to improve, making True Fuel® a great foundation for, or improvement to, your driver incentive program.  All of this from an app that runs on your existing telematics solution – No need for new hardware.


Why you need True Fuel®

Real-time coaching and actionable analytics unlock your fleet's potential

“Fuel costs vary, and I know there are wasteful practices costing my fleet significant capital.”

  • True Fuel®’s patented software is proven to reduce fuel spend by 3% to as much as 10%.  

“It’s difficult to keep drivers, and I don’t have a simple metric which fairly assesses true driver performance.”

  • True Fuel® accurately measures how efficiently drivers operate the truck and provides a simple metric that drivers can be easily improved upon with changed driving-behavior.

“My fleet has a mountain of data but it’s not easy to see how or where improvements can be made.”

  • True Fuel® automated reporting provides only the data needed to make a significant impact.
Screenshot of True Fuel™ Application

The power behind our product and performance

Coaching in-cab in real-time has been proven to be the most immediate and impactful way of changing inefficient behaviors.  Like rumble strips for efficiency, the coaching tones only play when the driver is operating the truck inefficiently.  Automated reports are sent regularly and only include the data needed to have the greatest impact.  If you’d like to perform additional analysis, the True Fuel portal is data-rich, and our API makes back-end integrations easy, giving you more insight into driver behavior and your fleet, like:

  • Exactly how much fuel was wasted by a driver or vehicle?
  • Who are the most efficient drivers and who could benefit from additional training?
  • Which are the most efficient and least efficient trucks in the fleet?
  • What driver actions and vehicle configurations are the biggest contributors to fuel waste?
  • How do new technology additions (e.g., trailer skirts and automatic transmissions) impact fuel performance?