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True Fuel™

True Fuel reduces cost by combining real-time driver coaching, precise vehicle monitoring and comprehensive fuel use analytics to deliver unparalleled visibility to and control over one of your largest operational costs. As a stand-alone solution True Fuel adds value for any fleet, regardless of its telematics or onboard technology platforms.

Is Your Fleet Running at Optimum Fuel Efficiency?

Why you need Vnomics True Fuel

Real-time data and actionable analytics unlock your fleet's potential

Vnomics specializes in working with commercial trucking fleets to effectively optimize fuel usage and eliminate fuel waste.

  • Real-time driver coaching enables drivers to take immediate action to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Fair and normalized scorecards of the driver’s performance support continuous improvement.
  • Comprehensive and precise analytics pinpoint areas of fuel waste so that drivers and fleet managers know exactly what actions to take to optimize their fuel usage.

True Fuel delivers operational efficiencies that impact your bottom line. Because of our system’s unique ability to calculate maximum potential fuel economy and precisely-determined actual fuel consumption, customers can see for themselves the improvement in fuel economy both in absolute terms of higher MPG and in relative terms of reducing fuel waste. True Fuel savings are verifiable and verified by Vnomics’ customers!

Screenshot of True Fuel™ Application

The power behind our product and performance

Vnomics True Fuel™ includes a comprehensive analytics web portal, giving fleet managers and executives an instant snapshot of fleet fuel efficiency via summary dashboards. Reports of fuel usage and causes of wasted fuel are available in detail for vehicles and drivers to identify specific actions to reduce cost per mile.

  • Exactly how much fuel was used by a driver or vehicle?
  • Exactly how much fuel was wasted by a driver or vehicle?
  • Who are the most efficient drivers and who could benefit from additional training?
  • Which are the most efficient and least efficient trucks in the fleet?
  • What driver actions and vehicle configurations are the biggest contributors to fuel waste?
  • How do new technology additions (e.g., trailer skirts and automatic transmissions) impact fuel performance?

Let Vnomics show you how to retain drivers and improve your bottom line.

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