How It Works

MPG is not an accurate measure of fuel performance...but you and your drivers already know that

Scoring Drivers the Fair and Effective Way: Potential MPG vs Actual MPG

Because every driver, truck, load and route is different, True Fuel™ precisely monitors each vehicle’s actual fuel usage in real time and compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy (Potential MPG) for that vehicle under its current load and operating conditions. This normalization of MPG is key to fairly recognizing driver performance and leads to improved driver satisfaction and retention.

The driver can then focus on optimizing behaviors within driver control such as:

  • Shifting
  • Speeding
  • Idling

Using vehicle data, the system coaches the driver in real-time. In the cab, drivers hear tone alerts for improper shifting, speeding and idling.

Only Vnomics reports the Fuel Potential MPG as well as the Actual MPG so that managers and drivers can see the actual fuel lost due to driving behaviors and account for every drop of fuel.

How It Works

1) Real-Time Monitoring

Vnomics precisely monitors on-board data on fuel usage in real-time from multiple sensors.

2) True Fuel™ Technology

True Fuel analyzes engine data and determines the Potential MPG (maximum achievable fuel economy).

3) Driver Coaching

Drivers hear audio alerts for improper shifting, speeding and idling.

4) Fair & Balanced Scorecards

At the end of the trip, drivers hear a score of their performance.

5) Detailed Analytics

Fleet managers can access comprehensive analytics and detailed driver scorecards.

Ease of Installation

Two Different Methods with Less than a 15 Minute Install Time

Dash Mount

Vnomics device can be installed on the vehicle dash with adhesive strips and an easy cable connection to the diagnostic port in just a few easy steps.

  • Connect the Vnomics diagnostic cable to the vehicle diagnostic port and route the cable along the door frame to the dashboard and connect to the Vnomics Device.
  • Connect the antenna to the Vnomics device.
  • Secure the Vnomics device to clean dash using Dual Lock™ adhesive tabs; then secure the antenna to dash.
  • Turn on engine to complete the installation.

Under the Dash

For an out-of-sight installation, the Vnomics unit can be mounted under the dash instead of being located top of the dashboard for most vehicles.


Let Vnomics show you how to retain drivers and improve your bottom line.

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