Nick Como
Customer Success Support Technician

I graduated from Alfred University in 2016 with a Business Administration Degree. I also studied in Heidenheim, Germany to pursue my passion of the auto industry and technology as a whole. I worked at a Human Capital Resource company for almost two years where I helped and created great relationships with clients to ensure their success as a customer. This is where I found my desire and love to help others and be strategically involved in making sure that I be a great resource to others when needed. From here, I joined the Vnomics team in 2018 to follow my passion to be involved with new innovative technology, but most importantly use my experience to continue to help others. My main focus every day is to provide the best experience for our customers and to utilize exceptional communication and understanding.

My favorite days spent are with my rather large family and our two amazing dogs. I really enjoy just about anything; from skiing down a mountain to sitting inside hanging out with the family or heading to the boxing gym. I especially enjoy spending time with my girlfriend traveling around all over and seeing the world (When we can find time at least).