Company History

How Vnomics Continues to evolve to meet Fleets’ needs

With an investment of more than $30 million, over a decade of advanced research and development, and roots in mission critical support of U.S.  Armed Forces, we have become one of the most powerful vehicle and fleet fuel optimization systems available in the industry today. Vnomics’ patented Asset Health Management framework was commercialized as a fleet management system differentiated from others by its fuel optimization capabilities that enable trucking fleets nationwide to improve fuel economy and gain key driver and fuel performance insights through real-time driver coaching and analytics. In 2016 we introduced True Fuel™,  which offers fleets Vnomics’ proven fuel optimization application as a stand-alone solution that combines real-time driver coaching with comprehensive vehicle performance analytics on a small, telematics-agnostic platform. True Fuel gives fleets that already have a telematics system the opportunity to deploy Vnomics’ driver coaching and fuel optimization solution to drive greater fleet profitability.

Company Data

  • Founded: 2008
  • Industry Served: Commercial Trucking
  • Headquarters: Rochester, NY
  • CEO: Alan Farnsworth

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