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Getting Young Drivers Invested in the Fleet’s Mission

A fleet that is perceived by prospective drivers as one that cares about its employees would more likely draw in younger drivers, and this attitude would deepen their investment in the fleet’s mission

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How Owner-Operators are Taking Charge of their Fuel Efficiency

For fleets looking to improve their own systems and find new ways to operate more cost efficiently, it can be valuable to look at how owner-operators are doing this on a micro level.

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Strategies for Fleets to Engage and Retain Millennial Truck Drivers

By sharing fleet objectives and opening up a channel for feedback, young drivers can feel more connected to their job and to the success of the fleet as whole.

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The Key to Fuel Optimization on Every Type of Truck

True Fuel normalizes factors that MPG as reported by telematics or other systems can’t account for and the external environmental conditions that the driver can’t control and shouldn’t be measured by.

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ELDs, and What It Takes to Empower Your Drivers, Not Control Them

Drivers become more than just workers; they become partners both in their own personal success and in the success of the fleet as a whole.

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If You Don't Engage Your Drivers, Diesel's Rising Price Will Hurt You Soon

Drivers can make a massive difference on fuel if you let them, so it makes sense to engage them constructively with a real financial incentive that motivates them to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

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You Don't Need Blockchain to Be Transparent with Your Drivers

When fleet leaders and drivers are on the same page, and are both equally invested in improved fuel efficiency, you will be running a smarter, more engaged, and more cost effective fleet.

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Before you announce your next truck driver pay increase…

True driver engagement is about more than just getting the people in your fleet to keep doing their jobs for a bit longer. Paying and incentivizing your drivers more is just one piece of the puzzle.

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Fuel for Thought: Run on Less? Run on More (Driver Engagement)

The fuel-saving technologies highlighted by Run on Less can help optimize your trucks as they leave the terminal, but once they are out on the road, only True Fuel can empower and excite your drivers.

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An Efficient Way to Recruit, Train, and Engage Younger Drivers

True Fuel® is exactly the kind of technology that millennials are already using — something that challenges them to operate more efficiently.

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Fuel Economy vs. Fuel Efficiency: Does it Matter Which One You Measure and Reward?

With an accurate and fair incentive program built on fuel efficiency, drivers can be rewarded for doing great things, and they can know for certain that they’ve really earned those rewards.

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Fuel For Thought: Thinking Outside the Box to Value and Reward Your Drivers

Incentives based on fuel-efficient driving behaviors open up a new opportunity for drivers — and for the fleet’s bottom line.

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Fuel for Thought: The Fuel Efficiency Improvements You Can Make Right Now

Looking ahead at future technologies is always wise, but it’s also worth paying attention to the strategies that can make an impact on fuel savings right now.

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Helping Drivers Isolate and Deal with the Things They Can Control

With the right tool, you can empower drivers to avoid becoming discouraged by uncontrollable factors that will never change. Instead, drivers will focus on behaviors that they can control and master.

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Investing More in Your Drivers Benefits the Whole Fleet

The best engagement and retention strategies all start with investing back in the drivers who keep your fleet running strong.

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Why Veterans Make Such Great Drivers and How You Can Retain Them

When all of your drivers — veterans included — know that the fleet that they’re working for is rallied around a worthy goal, they will have every reason to commit themselves to the fleet long-term.

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How to Get Started with a Driver Incentive Program Built on Fuel Efficiency

With True Fuel® by your side, an incentive program can prove to be extremely successful. Your drivers will feel revitalized and ready to continue to do incredible work for you and your fleet.

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What It Takes to Steer Your Fleet Toward Maximum Fuel Efficiency

True Fuel®’s in-cab coaching gives fleet managers unparalleled visibility and control over one of your largest operational costs.