Trucks on the road

Now in our tenth year of helping fleets optimize fuel economy and gain key driver performance insights with our patented connecting trucking technology framework, we wanted to look back as we look forward, and take stock of what we’ve learned over the years.

The price of diesel was on the rise as of late August 2018, then decreased as of early November 2018. Fleets can’t control the cost of fuel, but they can control how much fuel they use. With True Fuel™, one of a fleet’s largest operational costs can be monitored and strategically minimized. The less fuel a fleet uses, the less money they spend, regardless of the cost of a gallon of diesel. True Fuel™ lets fleets optimize their budgets.

“Vnomics enabled us to improve our fuel economy by more than seven percent in one year, which translates into annual savings of 3.5 million gallons. Before we began using the fuel optimization solution, our fleet averaged 5.8 miles per gallon. More recently, our fleet is averaging 6.8 MPG. Vnomics has had an impact on our bottom line by contributing to a dramatic improvement in fuel economy.” – Brian Balius, VP Transportation & Engineering, SAIA LTL FREIGHT

Studies have shown that drivers want feedback, whether it be from supervisors or technology — as long as it is designed well. In that case, look no further than True Fuel™, which has been proven to help drivers fine-tune their great work out on the roads, and therefore improve the fleet’s overall performance. Additionally, some of the top reasons why a driver will leave a fleet include friction between the driver and the supervisor, being set up for failure, and not feeling appreciated. True Fuel™ gathers accurate and objective data on a driver’s performance apart from their truck, load and route, which can allow drivers to self-improve through real-time driver coaching as well as optimizing behaviors within their control, like shifting, engine speed, acceleration, speeding, and idling.

"Vnomics made me a better driver. The system is very user friendly and I learned quickly. Through Vnomics, I feel very confident that all who utilize it will improve tremendously. I highly recommend Vnomics." – David S., Pittsford, NY

This can also help relieve the potential tension between a driver and supervisor during a performance review, and also creates a foundation to build from so a driver doesn’t feel as if they’re set up for failure. Additionally, for those especially positive reviews, based on True Fuel’s™ analytics, supervisors can use these insights to reward drivers so they feel appreciated. Incentives can be a challenge — small motor carriers, which make up some 90 percent of the industry, cannot always afford to offer safety bonuses. However, by optimizing the fuel efficiency with True Fuel™, fleets have additional funds to reinvest through incentives and other rewards, thereby improving their recruiting and retention. Fuel economy and safety are two of the biggest metrics for bonuses, and True Fuel™ empowers fleets with actionable insights to structure incentives and offer them with the cost savings on fuel efficiency.

As we look forward to the next ten years and beyond, we will continue to promote True Fuel™ as a necessary tool for both driver and fleet success. Regardless of what the future of the trucking industry holds, one thing is for sure: smart trucks need smart drivers. As has been observed, “the most advanced technology in the cab is still the human kind….the driver.”  And with True Fuel™ a fleet will always find ways to maximize and optimize their performance.