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Quantifying driver behaviors that affect fuel use is key component of Vnomics True Fuel™ solution to optimize fuel efficiency.

Rochester, New York – July 7, 2016 — Vnomics Corp., providers of advanced analytics solutions that enable fleets to improve driver and vehicle performance in real-time, today announced it has received notice that its second U.S. Patent for its True Fuel™ standalone fuel optimization solution has been approved. This latest patent protects Vnomics’ unique method of precisely comparing actual fuel economy to potential fuel economy. The method highlights specific elements of fuel waste and the factors that can be changed in order to achieve maximum fuel economy.

“True Fuel significantly improves fuel efficiency through precise fuel consumption measurement, real-time driver coaching and detailed insights into fuel usage and waste that enable fleets to take informed actions to save money,” said Alan Farnsworth, CEO at Vnomics. “The ability to precisely identify and quantify fuel wasted due to specific factors is the cornerstone of True Fuel’s effectiveness. This new U.S. Patent protects the method and system implemented in True Fuel for detecting and accurately measuring specific driver actions and vehicle impacts on fuel consumption, giving our customers unprecedented visibility and comprehensive analytics on fuel use and fuel waste. Reducing fuel waste saves them serious money. ”

The new U.S. Patent issued to Vnomics is related to, and follows, U.S. Patent No. 8,924,138 for its “System and Method for Measuring and Reducing Vehicle Fuel Waste” issued on December 30, 2014. “That patent covers our unique system for determining both maximum achievable mpg (“Potential MPG”) and actual fuel mpg for a trip under current operating conditions, for each particular truck and specific load,” Farnsworth explained. “This new patent now covers our method for comparing and delivering that information.

The Vnomics True Fuel solution uses vehicle sensor information to calculate and categorize fuel wasted by shifting and throttle control efficiencies, speeding and idling factors. The technology covered by the two patents provides:

  • drivers with key information to make real-time adjustments to behaviors that improve fuel efficiency
  • fleet managers with the amount of fuel wasted by category in order to better understand what steps to take to optimize fuel.

True Fuel is a standalone system that significantly improves fuel economy, independent of a fleet’s telematics platform. The fuel optimization solution has already proven to provide a 3%-10% fleet-wide fuel savings on some of America’s largest fleets.With True Fuel, drivers are also provided with fair and balanced scorecards detailing the fuel loss factors they can control, including shifting and throttle control efficiencies, speeding and idle time. Fleet managers can use the user-friendly web portal to access comprehensive fuel use analytics and summary dashboards, to instantly gain insights into fuel usage and causes of wasted fuel for specific vehicles and drivers. True Fuel provides a solid and driver-accepted basis for incentive programs recognizing and rewarding fuel-efficient driver performance.

About Vnomics

Founded in 2008, Rochester, NY-based Vnomics Corp. provides advanced analytics solutions that enable fleets to improve driver and vehicle performance. The company’s True Fuel™ stand-alone fuel optimization solution coaches drivers in real time to achieve the highest fuel efficiency, calculates actual and potential fuel economy then provides comprehensive data fleets can use to optimize fuel performance and improve profitability. Vnomics’ unique approach to driver and vehicle performance provides substantial fuel savings to a rapidly growing number of fleets across all motor carrier segments. For additional information, visit or call 855-866-6427.

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