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Are you tired of trucking technology that’s overpriced and difficult to implement? We are too. That’s why we developed True Fuel, a budget-friendly, easy to install solution to help your fleet save on fuel.

Every truck, load, and route is different and because of those factors, miles per gallon (MPG) is not an accurate measurement of fuel performance, especially when it comes to drivers. Vnomics True Fuel precisely monitors each vehicle’s actual fuel usage in real-time and compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy (potential MPG) for that vehicle under its current load and operating conditions if it had been driven well. You can see exactly how well the driver performed in the areas he or she controls. Here’s a breakdown of exactly how True Fuel works:

How It Works

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Vnomics precisely monitors on-board sensor data for fuel usage in real-time to get a more accurate reading of fuel actually consumed than that provided by the OEM on the  data bus.
  2. Driver Coaching: The Vnomics system coaches the driver in real-time. In the cab, drivers hear tone alerts for improper engine speed control (regardless of transmission type), speeding, and idling, so they can adjust their driving choices to optimize fuel efficiency.
  3. True Fuel Technology: True Fuel analyzes engine data and determines Potential MPG (maximum achievable fuel economy). Only Vnomics reports the Fuel Potential MPG, as well as the Actual MPG so that managers and drivers can see the actual fuel lost due to driving choices and account for every drop of fuel.
  4. Fair & Balanced Scorecards: At the end of their trip, drivers hear a score of their performance. This is vital because it allows drivers to immediately understand how well they drove. This eliminates information delays that can help you improve your driving behaviors and start discussions about where to improve.  Drivers are also encouraged to download the True Fuel app for more detailed reporting.
  5. Detailed Analytics: Fleet managers can access comprehensive analytics and detailed driver scorecards. Drivers’ and vehicle performances are ranked from best to worst for a selected time period, allowing managers to analyze drive-specific choices that impact performance. It’s important for fleet managers to reach out to both top-performing and low-performing drivers to assess their performances and make sure the drivers are getting the feedback necessary to optimize performance.

Easy Installation

Installing the True Fuel system takes less than fifteen minutes, and anyone in your organization can do it. No tools are necessary. There are two different ways to install your True Fuel system:

1. Dash Mount

The Vnomics device can be installed on the vehicle dash with adhesive strips and an easy cable connection to the diagnostic port. The Dash Mount can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Connect the Vnomics diagnostic cable to the vehicle diagnostic port and route the cable along the door frame to the dashboard. Connect to the Vnomics device.
  • Connect the antenna to the Vnomics device.
  • Secure the Vnomics device to a clean dash using Dual Lock adhesive tabs and then secure the antenna to the dash.
  • Turn the engine on to complete the installation.

2. Under the Dash

‍For an out-of-sight installation, the Vnomics unit can be mounted under the dash instead of being located on top of the dashboard for most vehicles.

A member of our team can walk you through the installation either onsite or over the phone. You can also watch our step-by-step installation tutorial.