Trucks pulled off to the side of the road

If you look around your home or office, chances are that nearly everything you see, from your furniture to your food, have all seen the inside of a truck at some point. That’s because trucking is an integral part of our economy and the American way of life. Most major industries rely heavily on trucking to deliver their products and materials to consumers, and with that comes the demand for technology that helps fleets and drivers become more efficient.

While new technology in safety, workflow, and in-cab communication has helped trucking take important steps forward, driver fuel efficiency has only recently come into full focus. New technology like Vnomics True Fuel can help fleets and drivers work together for greater efficiency that doesn’t rely on traditionally outdated performance measures like miles per gallon (MPG) or confusing activity data from telematics systems.

MPG has long been the default method truckers use to assess fuel efficiency. However, it’s not an accurate measure of fuel performance, even when supplemented by telematics data, which is why efficiency has been challenging. Every driver, truck, load and route is different, and that’s why True Fuel concentrates on driver behavior and scoring drivers fairly and effectively. True Fuel precisely monitors each vehicle’s actual fuel usage in real-time, and then compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy (Potential MPG) considering variables like the vehicle, load, and environmental conditions. This normalization of MPG is key to fairly recognizing driver performance and leads to improved driver satisfaction and retention.

With True Fuel, drivers can focus on improving his or her own behaviors such as controlling engine speed, idling and over-speeding. We know that drivers often feel like they are being held to unrealistic standards and are responsible for things outside of their control, and that needs to change. True Fuel’s in-cab system coaches the driver in real-time, which empowers drivers to improve every day on the road. Vnomics is the only technology that reports the Fuel Potential MPG and Actual MPG so that managers and drivers can both see the actual fuel lost due to driving behaviors and account for every drop of fuel. With the power of True Fuel technology, drivers are being assessed fairly and reliably for their skills, while also saving big on fuel costs.

Another bonus is that when True Fuel is used as the basis or component of a driver incentive program, it has been proven to increase driver fuel efficiency, while simultaneously treating drivers in a fair and respectful way. This keeps drivers engaged, motivated, and contributing to the bottom line.

As the trucking industry continues to advance, it’s important to continue to implement the right technology that will not only help your fleet thrive, but also help your drivers succeed. Learn how True Fuel can help your fleet.