Truck driver checking data

While safety, workflow, and in-cab communication have taken major steps forward with the implementation of new technology in trucking, driver fuel efficiency has only recently come into full focus.

In an area that historically has not been top of mind for fleet managers—and even a source of driver-fleet friction—products like True Fuel, are now seen as technological advancements that can help fleets and drivers work together for greater efficiency in a way that doesn’t rely on traditional performance measures.

MPG has long been the default metric for assessing fuel efficiency, but MPG doesn’t tell the complete story. In fact, from a driver standpoint MPG often tells a misleading one. Without a full view of a problem and a clear understanding of the opportunity to improve, progress can be challenging.

Technologies like TrueFuel can solve that. Drivers receive in-cab support that allows them to focus on the things that actually matter like controlling engine speed, idling and over-speeding, while empowering them to improve in real time—without annoying mechanical restrictions on the tractor.

Even further, while allowing drivers to focus on the important things in real time, TrueFuel’s quantified assessment of driver fuel efficiency doesn’t fault drivers for the large number of occurrences or elements impacting fuel economy that are out of their control (like vehicle condition, load, route, etc.).

As many drivers will tell you, it can become disheartening to feel like you’re being held to an unrealistic standard. TrueFuel’s ability to help drivers become better each day they’re on the road and be judged fairly and reliably for their skills proves the power of technology.

When used as a basis or component of a driver incentive program, TrueFuel has proven to increase driver fuel efficiency while also keeping drivers engaged, motivated, and contributing to the bottom line.

As we move forward and technology infiltrates more and more of everyday life, we, like many of other industries, should continue to implement the right tech that makes what we already do well even better.