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Do you want to establish a driver incentive program that will actually work for your fleet? Here at Vnomics, we help our clients create customized driver incentive programs that are extremely effective. Plus, our technology scores drivers in a fair and respectful way that your fleet will really appreciate.

Vnomics True Fuel reduces fuel costs by combining real-time driver coaching, precise vehicle monitoring, and comprehensive fuel use analytics. It delivers unparalleled visibility and control over your fuel costs. True Fuel adds value to any fleet and can help save at least $1,500 per truck per year. Because it separates the performance of the driver from other factors when it comes to fuel economy, it’s the perfect foundation for a driver-friendly fuel incentive program.

The Vnomics team can help you create a customized program that works effectively for your fleet while helping achieve your company goals. Giving out monthly or quarterly bonuses to your top fuel efficient drivers is a popular and successful way to motivate your drivers. But if you’re looking for something a little more creative, check out some of our clients’ most successful driver incentive programs:

  1. Gift Card Giveaways. Weekly rewards for your top drivers can be a very motivating incentive. Using True Fuel metrics, one client chooses to reward their top fuel efficient drivers each Friday with restaurant gift cards. Having a weekly driver incentive program encourages all drivers to participate because the winners can constantly vary. For some drivers, this can be seen as more of an incentive than a reward that occurs monthly or quarterly. Drivers feel appreciated and can use their recognition reward for a nice evening out with family and friends.
  2. Tier-Based Rewards. Since the majority of truck drivers are paid by the mile, some of our clients will pay an extra 1 cent per mile depending on how fuel efficient drivers are using our True Fuel technology. For example, if a driver gets paid 40 cents per mile, and the goal is to be 97% fuel efficient, drivers that reach that 97% goal will receive an extra 1 cent per mile. Additionally, drivers that are 98% fuel efficient will receive an extra 2 cents, 99% will receive 3 cents, and 100% will receive 4 cents. This helps fleets to maintain their top drivers and encourage other drivers to perform more fuel efficiently.
  3. Company Swag Giveaways. To show appreciation to drivers that reach True Fuel efficiency goals, trucking companies give out company-branded gear. This can include jackets, hats, gloves, coffee mugs, golf balls, and more. This one-of-a-kind company gear creates a sense of pride for their company and provides them with a useful recognition of their work.  Drivers will feel appreciated because they are getting something unique and valuable for their hard work.

Driver incentive programs are key to drivers enacting change the company needs because they show your drivers that you appreciate the work they’re doing and value that they’re doing it well. It also encourages drivers to continue to be fuel efficient knowing that they are appreciated and can earn a little extra with good work. See how True Fuel can help your fleet.