Jim driving a truck

To learn something new, we think most people would rather be coaxed than coerced. That’s the idea behind our True Fuel™ fuel optimization solution, a compact in-dash device that lets fleets examine their drivers’ performance without micromanagement. Instead of finishing a shift and being reprimanded by the boss days later, True Fuel™ gives drivers instantaneous feedback on their driving habits right inside the cab through auditory alerts when the driver shows signs of poor driving behavior.

Jim Park, editor for Heavy Duty Trucking and Today’s Trucking, recently visited our Pittsford, N.Y., facility to put True Fuel™ to the test. To really understand how True Fuel™ corrects poor driving habits, Jim first drove recklessly and with no regard for RPMs. Then, on his second trip, he drove as carefully as possible, staying well within shifting limits.

To find out how Jim did on both trips, and to learn more about his experience with True Fuel™, check out his two videos below!