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Fuel and driver pay are the two biggest cost elements for a fleet. Those costs are currently increasing and only look like they are going up in the future. The average fleet goes through 13,000 gallons of fuel in a year. Vnomics’ True Fuel reduces fuel costs by combining real-time driver coaching, precise vehicle monitoring and comprehensive fuel use analytics. It delivers unparalleled visibility to and control over your fuel costs. True Fuel adds value for any fleet and can help save $1500 per truck per year and often more. And because it separates the performance of the driver from other factors when it comes to fuel economy, it’s the perfect foundation for a driver-friendly fuel incentive plan.

Drivers have a lot of pressure on them with various daily tasks. In the absence of fleet focus and a fair driver fuel incentive program, drivers may not always put fuel efficiency high on their priority list.  Encourage and support your drivers to be conscious of their driving behaviors by using the reinforcement of a proper driver fuel incentive program. You can begin saving on fuel costs and get better driver engagement at the same time. The Vnomics team can help you create a customized program that works effectively for your fleet. Check out our best practices for developing driver incentive programs:

Operational Assessment. An operational assessment is an evaluation of operational effectiveness. When developing a driver incentive program, it is crucial to determine what your fleet is already doing well, and what needs to be improved, when it comes to fuel efficiency. An open discussion with drivers on this subject can ultimately have a positive effect on company culture and relationships among drivers. It can even help increase driver motivation and retention rate.

Fair, Driver-Focused Target. Measuring a driver’s performance using MPG isn’t fair, and drivers know it. There are many factors that are out of drivers’ control such as load, environment, tractor configuration, and routing. True Fuel measures performance using factors that the driver does control including speeding, acceleration, idling, shifting and engine speed control, which makes their target goal fair and respectable.

Organization Buy-In. When every member of the fleet, from the top down, is behind the driver incentive program, it will be successful. Make it clear what each team member’s role is and keep the channels of communication open.

Driver Tool Suite. Drivers need to have the right tools in order to accomplish goals. Start out by showing the driver what their past performances look like, and the steps they can take to improve their fuel efficiency performance. True Fuel’s real-time, in cab coaching is a vital tool to empower drivers to be the best they can be and save fuel before it’s inefficiently burned.. Having data-driven dialogue is key because it is fact-based, and personal opinion is taken out of the equation.

Motivation. The most successful fleets know how to motivate their drivers. True Fuel provides motivation through autonomy (no restrictions on driveability), purpose (alignment with fleet bottom line goals), and mastery (real-time, empowering in-cab tools). When drivers are able to have control over what they are working on, it empowers them to be successful. Allowing drivers to go after mastery and encouraging them to continuously challenge themselves motivates them to improve and excel in their trade.

Monitor and Adapt. It may take a little bit of time to get your driver incentive program perfect. Monitoring the program and adapting it to what suits your drivers is important when it comes to the success of the fleet.

Driver incentive programs are important for fleets that are looking for ways to optimize their fuel efficiency and positively impact their bottom line in a driver-acceptable and driver motivating way. The Vnomics team has first-hand experience working with fleets and drivers to reduce fuel waste through real-time coaching and fair, transparent driver incentives. Whether you are in the planning stages or looking to make improvements to a fuel incentive program you are currently using, Vnomics can help with all aspects of your driver incentive programs.

For more information, watch our Fleet Owner webinar, Driver Incentive Programs: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why.