Saia LTL Freight truck

OVERVIEWSaia LTL Freight, headquartered in John’s Creek, Georgia, provides less-than-truckload, guaranteed and expedited freight services in 34 states and Canada. The company, founded in 1924 in Houma, Louisiana, now operates 3,389 trucks from 147 locations.


Sustainability initiatives at Saia LTL Freight reflect the company’s efforts to continuously lessen the impact its operations have on the environment. Improving the skills of its highly professional drivers by investing in technology is seen as a proven means of driving improvements in fuel efficiency throughout the company’s network.


In 2011, Saia LTL Freight began system wide implementation of the Vnomics fuel optimization solution that combines real-time driver coaching with comprehensive analytics to improve fuel economy. The in-cab system precisely monitors each vehicle’s actual fuel usage in real-time and compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy for that vehicle under its current load and operating conditions.

With Vnomics, drivers are provided with real-time audio alerts for improper shifting, speeding and idling and fleet managers can access comprehensive fuel use analytics that provide fair and balanced scorecards that are well accepted by drivers.


After deploying the Vnomics fuel optimization solution, Saia LTL Freight realized a reduction in fuel use of more than 7% in one year, boosting the fleet’s average from 5.9 mpg to 6.8 mpg. The savings attributed to Vnomics’ ability to promote more efficient driving practices equals 3.5 million gallons of fuel annually.

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