Crum Trucking, Inc., based in Batesville, Indiana, is a truckload carrier experienced in safely transporting an extensive range of commodities. Founded in 1963, the company offers consolidation, multi-stop, expedited, and other services across North America with a fleet of 140 trucks.


Crum’s management team was looking for a simple way to engage drivers in helping the fleet operate as fuel efficiently as possible. Having drivers operate in a more fuel conscious way would reduce fuel expense, improve safety, and reduce maintenance expenses for Crum. The challenge was how to measure and provide the insights and information drivers and managers needed to make this happen.


In 2017, Crum Trucking began using the True Fuel stand-alone fuel optimization solution from Vnomics in all of their 140 company trucks. The on-board systems were installed easily by the fleet’s in-house maintenance operation, requiring only simple mounting and wiring connections.

With fair and accurate data on fuel consumption, Crum Trucking could focus on improving driving behaviors and establish a rewards and incentives program for its drivers that did not require a complex set of metrics or calculations.

Vnomics True Fuel establishes a truck’s potential fuel economy independent of route, load, and other external factors, and then assists drivers through in-vehicle driver coaching to eliminate fuel waste and improve vehicle performance.

The True Fuel scoring model includes assessments of the driver’s impact on fuel efficiency. Key fuel efficiency behaviors are rolled into a fair and balanced composite GPA-like score of the driver’s real-world fuel efficiency performance that is automatically normalized for operating conditions.

Installations of devices on vehicles for truckload carriers are a challenge due to logistics and scheduling. With TrueFuel’s small number of components and ease of install, Crum personnel completed all of the installs without any campaign downtime or specialized equipment.

Crum Trucking also reported, with the use of real-time coaching, that drivers came up to speed very quickly on the system and required driving behavior.


Crum Trucking is working with drivers using the True Fuel system to reward its most efficient driver each quarter with a custom ‘Top Fuel’ branded hat award. Drivers recognize that the “Top Fuel” award is fair because it is not based on mpg. Due to the success of the program so far, Crum plans further enhancements of the comprehensive rewards and incentive program based on Vnomics data for drivers in local, regional, and long haul operations are planned.

Using Vnomics to help drivers improve engine control through more efficient shifting, Crum Trucking has reduced fuel consumption across its fleet of 140 tractors. Based on the fact that before True Fuel in cab coaching was implemented, the fleet had an average of 7% driver inefficiency, the return on investment from True Fuel and the potential to go even further has beenwell received to improve that return.

Because True Fuel focuses on improving the drivers’ behaviors that affect fuel efficiency, Crum has seen efficiency gains regardless of the model year or manufacturer. Crum’s drivers have embraced True Fuel and have stepped up to the challenge of increasing fuel efficiency. One driver, who at the beginning of the program was scoring low 80s, is now consistently scoring in the 90s and has become an internal advocate for the technology and the Crum program.

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