Stop and consider for a minute whether or not it’s genuinely motivating your drivers in the way that you’re looking for. We all know that the driver shortage is a persistent challenge in the trucking industry, and more pay is one of the main things that unhappy drivers ask for (along with more respect and more time off). With all that said, there is a better way to reward your drivers — a way that also gets them aligned with your fleet’s goals, and helps you run a smarter and more efficient fleet.

True driver engagement is about more than just getting the people in your fleet to keep doing their jobs for a bit longer. It’s about getting them invested in doing their jobs better, and making the mission of the fleet something that they want to embrace. Paying and incentivizing your drivers more is just one piece of the puzzle.

Offering more money isn’t the only way to show your drivers that you care about them. You can pay them in respect too by demonstrating clearly that you see every driver in your fleet not as an employee but as a partner. The best way to prove that is to be fair, transparent, and honest with them. And Vnomics’ True Fuel™ product is built to help you provide all of those things.

True Fuel™ is an in-cab coach that is ready to support the people in your fleet that you depend on most. It’s built to help drivers actively maximize fuel economy with clear guidance on how to improve fuel economy in areas where drivers make the biggest impact, like engine speed control, highway speed and long idling.

True Fuel™ normalizes on-the-road conditions that driver can’t control like the truck, the load, and the route. By taking those uncontrollable factors out of the equation, drivers understand that they are only being assessed by things they can actively improve. That is the first and most important step toward building lasting engagement and lasting trust between fleet leadership and driver.

Once that trust is in place, then you can take it a step further by building rewards and incentives around the fuel efficiency successes achieved with True Fuel™. With that kind of skin in the game, drivers can make it their mission to master the art of fuel efficiency, and drive better and smarter than ever.

Here’s the best part: by saving so much fuel, you can put more money in your pockets and in the pockets of your drivers too.

Paying your drivers a lump sum of more money isn’t an automatic solution or a particularly efficient one. Even pay-per-mile incentives can put unnecessary stress on the driver and encourage fuel efficient behaviors like speeding. A rewards system built on fuel efficiency, on the other hand, not only gets your fleet running smarter and more cost-effectively, but it gives your drivers the respect, the pay, and the support they want and deserve.