The driver shortage is an ongoing problem that fleet leaders face day in and day out. But tapping into a new hiring pool may seem risky. Since today’s young people are often reputed to be lazy and non-committal, some may think that millennials wouldn’t do so well in the driver’s seat. So where does that leave fleet leaders looking to address the driver shortage?

Fleet leaders know that millennials operate differently than their older counterparts. But while this may bring up images of laziness and entitlement, it also speaks to unique millennial attitudes that can prove to be valuable. With an approach that speaks to their interests and engages them properly, millennials can be great additions to a fleet.

There’s something to be said about millennials and their desire for purpose-driven work. Younger generations are looking for a job and a purpose that they can believe in, and are now searching for work outside the confines of an office.

Millennials also want to be challenged. They want to improve on their mistakes and become better versions of themselves. While they may not follow the same working style as older generations, they can still be valuable additions to your trucking fleet. Populating your fleet with effective millennial drivers can be enabled/accelerated by using a fuel-based incentive plan that provides them with the purpose and the challenge they crave.

Personal Improvement

A tool like True Fuel® gives fleets the means to measure the things that drivers can control, and helps to create a realistic incentive program that promotes smart driving behaviors and an optimized bottom line. Millennials may find a meaningful purpose in an incentive program that recognizes their performance, and gives them clear opportunities to challenge themselves and improve. This will help fleet leaders overcome the risks of laziness and turnover often associated with younger drivers.

With the precise metrics and scorecards provided by True Fuel®, younger drivers have the chance to “compete” against themselves and improve their driving behaviors. They can work to achieve their personal goals while being recognized for the hard work they put in. Additionally, having an add-on to their salary will help incentivize millennials to work even harder to earn those rewards.

In fact, True Fuel® is exactly the kind of technology that millennials are already using —  something that challenges them to operate more efficiently. Today’s generation is always on the lookout for self-improvement in any way possible. It is this desire to optimize personal behaviors that can help younger drivers adapt to and use True Fuel®. Real-time, in-cab coaching that’s fast, accurate, and convenient lets drivers know exactly where and how to improve — right in the moment.

Save on Fuel

Although younger drivers may not have the same stake in the fleet’s fuel economy as you do, the opportunity to perform at a high level and contribute to the fleet’s success can motivate millennials to improve fuel efficiency. By seeing how they are making a difference with True Fuel®, these young drivers will understand how much they are contributing to something larger than themselves – the fleet’s success and the success of a trucking industry that we all depend on to deliver the things we need. This is exactly the kind of driving purpose that younger generations want in their work.

With its incredible capacity to save fuel, True Fuel® is also exactly the type of tool that helps reduce CO2 emission, giving these young, environmentally-minded recruits one more way to make a difference and one more reason to get invested.

Although younger drivers don’t make up a large portion of today’s trucking fleets, attracting and engaging them can bring a new energy to your existing team. Modern and efficient technology like True Fuel® is a great tool to motivate millennials to find a home in trucking. Fuel-based incentives give a real purpose to driving, and can make the career more meaningful and active than a typical office job.