There are many reasons why veterans make incredible truck drivers. For one, much of their service training, no matter which branch of the military we are talking about, relates to the same skills necessary to adapt to the trucking lifestyle and be great on the road. From situational awareness in terms of safety, to dependability in terms of teamwork and shared goals, military veterans have all the skills required to be successful in this industry.

From our background building precision technology for the U.S. military, we’ve learned first-hand that veterans possess a good work ethic, respect for authority, and a self-starter attitude. These qualities of discipline and hard work prove that veterans make valuable truck drivers. So, it only makes sense to bring them on board. The question is: how can you effectively engage and retain these incredible drivers? We’ve found that with True Fuel®, fleet leadership can give every driver a reason to commit to the fleet long-term, veteran or otherwise.

Setting a Company Wide Goal of Fuel Efficiency with True Fuel®

Fleet owners can continue to demonstrate the kind of respect that veterans and all drivers deserve by recognizing individual fuel performance and rewarding it. True Fuel® provides clear benchmarks for drivers to strive for and guidance on how to improve major fuel wasting behaviors like idling, speeding, and braking. It sets a goal, and it helps drivers meet that objective every single time they hit the road.

When all of your drivers — veterans included — know that they have an attainable goal to strive toward, they have a clear reason to perform better and stick with the fleet. Giving all drivers a reason and a roadmap to improve their fuel economy is a powerful way to get everybody on board.

You can take it a step further by incentivizing your drivers for hitting those goals and increasing their performance. Because more pay, among others, is always a common concern among drivers, a great way to retain drivers of all backgrounds is to make it clear that your fleet has the ability to reward them with bonuses and incentives with the money saved from increased fuel efficiency and improved retention.

By engaging drivers in the process of improving fuel-efficiency, True Fuel® maximizes efficient driving and gives all drivers in the fleet one more reason to invest themselves in their work.

Whether they are top-performing veterans or the other incredible contributors in your fleet, a powerful way to engage your drivers is to give them something tangible and real to strive for. When all of your drivers — veterans included — know that the fleet that they’re working for is rallied around a worthy goal, they will have every reason to commit themselves to the fleet long-term.