Like anyone, truck drivers thrive when they feel good about their work and understand what they need to do to be successful. Since things like weather, route, and load are beyond a driver’s control, it can be frustrating to be judged unfairly by these metrics. But what if driver performance and fuel efficiency could be measured with a tool that automatically adjusts for these factors? What if drivers could be gauged only on the things they can control?

Identifying and Eliminating Uncontrollable Factors

With True Fuel®, drivers are empowered to focus on what they can do to achieve maximum fuel economy given their particular vehicle, route, load, and external operating conditions. They are not penalized for having an older truck than some other drivers at their depot, they are not penalized for having an unusually heavy load, and they are only scored on how well they drive from a fuel economy standpoint given the conditions they are taking on.

Real-time, in-cab coaching along with fair and normalized scorecards and comprehensive fuel use analytics will help drivers focus less on uncontrollable factors, and more on what they can do to maximize fuel efficiency in their given situation. True Fuel® automatically normalizes all of the external factors that drivers can’t control, allowing fleets to put every driver on the same playing field.

This way, the only things that are being measured are driver behaviors that are independent of vehicle configuration and the demands of the load and the route (for example, how well they accelerate, how efficiently they control engine speed, how much they speed, how much they idle, etc.) When drivers know they are being judged fairly, they will not only feel respected and valued, but will be motivated to improve. 

Focusing on Improvement

When all is said and done, and even with the most modern tractors, drivers play a big role in fuel optimization. This responsibility is not a burden, but an awesome challenge that can help bring a new purpose to a driver’s job. By pairing this fair assessment with incentives for increased performance, True Fuel® gives drivers a real reason to care about fuel efficiency. They have complete control to determine their worth, pay, and career path.

Reducing one of your fleet’s largest operational costs starts with your drivers. Because they’re on the road day in and day out, they’re your ticket to optimized fuel economy. With the right tool, you can empower drivers to avoid becoming discouraged by uncontrollable factors that will never change. Instead, drivers will focus on behaviors that they can control and master. True Fuel® will help get you there.