Day in and day out, truck drivers take on the difficult task of delivering goods all over the country. Without the sacrifices of truck drivers — namely, long hours on the road and time spent away from home — many businesses would not be able to thrive as efficiently as they do. Because truck drivers tackle such an invaluable job, it’s up to the fleet management to make sure that drivers know that they are appreciated and that their hard work is being fairly measured and rewarded.

It’s not news that a major pain point in the trucking industry is high turnover. Recently, turnover rates for both large and small fleets jumped to 90% and 85%, respectively. This can be attributed to several factors, including dissatisfaction with pay and a feeling that they aren’t being gauged accurately and treated fairly. Today, however, fleet managers have access to real-time data tools that can accurately and fairly measure driver performance. Aside from helping to curb fuel waste and save money in that way, a tool like True Fuel® can effectively be used to reward drivers when necessary, resulting in happier drivers, higher retention, and ultimately, a better bottom line.

Drivers Want to Be Recognized

Because the work of a truck driver is so distinct and so important, it’s no surprise that truck drivers feel discouraged when they aren’t given the recognition that they deserve. After demanding days on the road, returning drivers – like anyone in any job – need validation for their work to keep morale and motivation high. Without any sort of recognition, drivers are less likely to exert the passion and hard work needed to continuously produce top-notch results.

Not only does rewarding drivers help to thwart turnover and lower recruiting costs, it incentivizes drivers to work harder and produce stronger outcomes, resulting in money saved on fuel. With True Fuel®, which measures each vehicle’s actual fuel usage in real-time and compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy (Potential MPG), drivers can see exactly where they excel and where they need work at improving their fuel efficiency.

This accurate and unbiased data regarding different driving facets motivates drivers to work on becoming as efficient as possible. In the past, drivers have been measured simply on MPG which is unfair and frustrating to them. An impartial third party like True Fuel® lets drivers know that they are being treated with fairness and respect and recognized for their high performance. 

Drivers Want Fair Treatment

Drivers want to work in an environment where they know the infrastructure is built upon integrity and honesty. The true benefit of a tool like True Fuel® is that it relies on accuracy and unbiased information. Every driver knows that they are all being measured on the same standard of performance. With an accurate tool like True Fuel®, drivers know how they can improve, and fleet managers can use those fair measurements as the basis of another powerful tool for engagement and retention – a rewards program.

This culture of fair measurement and reward for that performance breeds a sense of healthy self-competition. Drivers can set personal goals and achieve them, which ultimately helps the whole fleet achieve their overarching objectives. When drivers know just how much their individual contributions play in a fleet’s operations and success (and that they will be rewarded in return for that effort), they are that much more likely to perform far beyond the standard, and stick with their fleet.

True Fuel’s ability to accurately measure driving performance instills a sense of trust within each driver and cultivates a culture of mutual respect. A fair and just system of work and reward is an incredibly powerful way to encourage drivers to not only accelerate their performance, but feel a real connection to their job and their fleet. Not only that, when drivers know that hard work will be rewarded and not go unnoticed, they are more likely to feel like a partner in the fleet and less like an employee, making a job switch seem less appealing.

Drivers Do a Better Job

The best part is that when drivers are measured fairly and rewarded for their hard work through a rewards program, they are naturally motivated to keep up a strong level of performance. Most importantly, when drivers feel engaged and connected to company goals, they are that much more likely to improve on all the behaviors that traditionally create big fuel waste like shifting, speeding, and idling.   

When drivers know that True Fuel® – a tool works to help them improve in the moment and tracks their strong performance – is on their side every step of the way, they realize that taking care of themselves on the road is crucial. Having an on-the-road partner like True Fuel® reminds drivers that their hard work will be rewarded, and that their personal improvement is just as important as any outcome that their work produces.


Let’s face it — truck driving is by no means an easy job. And it certainly isn’t a glamorous one either. But what sets the trucking industry apart from others is that the unique heart and passion that’s required of drivers is unparalleled. It’s safe to say that being a truck driver takes a special person with a truly special character. The demands of this job are some that most people could not handle.

That’s why implementing a way to reward drivers is so crucial to keeping drivers engaged and performing high-quality work. With a tool like True Fuel® that accurately measures the performances of drivers, completely devoid of any bias or misinformation, fleet managers can justly and fairly assess drivers and incentivize drivers to work hard and perform at a high level. When drivers know that their hard work is valued, they are more likely to remain within their fleet and deliver top-notch results. All of which are of importance to the wellbeing of the fleet — and the wellbeing of the driver too.