he driver shortgage is an ongoing challenge for many fleets in today’s trucking industry. Fleet managers deal with the operational costs of hiring new people and when there’s a shortage, reliable drivers must haul additional freight and run more miles. Everyone wants the driver shortage to end, and it all starts by making engagement the number one priority.

No matter the company, the most important asset will always be the people you hire. That’s especially true for trucking fleets that rely on their drivers every day to deliver their cargo to the people that need them. For the fleet manager, it’s costly and time-consuming to have to consistently hire new people to staff your fleet. In an ideal world, turnover would never be an issue.

Companies where employees report high levels of engagement also tend to have much lower levels of turnover. It’s such a powerful tool because not only does it inspire the drivers you have to be more productive for the benefit of the fleet, but it also helps keep them around. The question is, how do you create that kind of ongoing enthusiasm?

In a 2016 survey with Overdrive Magazine, drivers listed three things they wanted nearly as much as more pay: respect, feeling like a team member, and support. Addressing those concerns is key to building an environment that is engaging to every driver you bring in.

It’s certainly a lot to ask of the fleet manager who works hard every day to juggle the demands of increasing regulation and narrow profit margins to also keep every driver engaged on a daily basis. Historically, the tools just haven’t been there to support fleet managers in their mission to maintain a stable fleet. Asking fleet managers to go at it alone and solve yet another problem just doesn’t seem fair or reasonable. They need a scalable, cost-effective, and easy to deploy solution to truly stand a chance of helping to solve the engagement problem.

We built True Fuel for that exact purpose: to support fleet managers in their mission to create an engaged and optimized fleet, defeating the heavy costs of turnover and freeing up cash typically lost to unnecessary fuel waste (and increasingly to replacing lost drivers in the market).

Drivers deserve to be supported and respected in doing their best work, and True Fuel gives fleet managers the ability to accurately and fairly assess the performance of every driver in the fleet. It provides drivers with transparent support, through subtle in-cab coaching and scorecards to help them track, grow, and improve their performance. It doesn’t just assess the driver based on a simple, often unfair, metric like reported mpg, but it accounts for the load, route, and the truck itself, providing a clear, unbiased record of overall driver performance and efficiency to the driver and the fleet manager both. Drivers respect and appreciate True Fuel because True Fuel respects them in terms of measuring their performance.

True Fuel gives drivers the tools to optimize their performance, both in the moment and on a career trajectory with a “resume” of fuel-efficient performance. The data insights on from these performance metrics equip owners and managers with valuable knowledge on how best to strategically deploy their resources, and reward drivers for their good work in a way drivers can agree is fair. This incentivizes the fleet, and proves to current drivers and prospective hires that management cares about its drivers, supports their performance, and rewards it. It gives them a chance to excel at their craft, which itself is motivational and engaging.

True Fuel is an easy and powerful way to show your drivers that you are dedicated to supporting their work and rewarding their performance fairly and respectfully — all while optimizing the efficiency of the fleet. More than that, it’s a means to build a connection with every driver in every cab, to coach them at scale, and help them grow and improve. Employees with ample opportunities to grow are more motivated and engaged. True Fuel provides the clear information that drivers and managers can use to facilitate that kind of growth and improvement.

True Fuel helps drivers perform their best, and it helps you reward them for maintaining a high-level of performance. Money is saved, drivers are engaged, and turnover is no longer such a drain on precious resources. We believe that reality is attainable, and one worth striving toward, for everyone involved. We want to help you build that future with True Fuel.